Nick Milo Design Construction, Incorporated

 4404 SW Marigold    Portland, OR 97219     (503) 246-2245
Licensed, Bonded, Insured              CCB number:  163533

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In 1979, Nick Milo received his Bachelor of Architecture from University of Oregon. Shortly thereafter, he realized that it was more fun to play with the tools than to sit behind a desk.

In 1981, Nick Milo Design Construction was founded. Nick never wanted his new company to be large and made a conscious decision to never become so big that he could not be on-site, with his employees, getting dirty. He swore he would not be one of those contractors who spent all of his time in the office, with no idea of what was happening on the job site.

To this day, Nick's staffing is still quite small, with only four other people on his staff. Because of this, he is able to meet with his clients personally and form a relationship with them that often lasts for decades.

Professional Integrity

Nick believes in operating legally at all levels of his business.  His staff are paid fair and competitive wages, and are all legally employable by federal law.  Nick understands that his employees are a reflection of the company as a whole, and rarely hires people with whom he has not had a previously existing relationship.

Nick follows the law in all regards when it comes to his business.  Building licenses, permits, inspections, CCB membership, bond insurance and all other aspects of construction law are followed as mandated by city, county and state law.  This protects not only his business, but more importantly, his clients and their properties.